Traveller vs Tourist 

Let’s be honest,these days nobody likes being labelled as tourists, everyone wants to be known as a Traveller,even if someone have hardly been to a couple of trips. But why so?What defines Each?
Everyone strives to be tagged as Traveller but nobody realizes that it is one’s overall approach to travel that fits them in one of the either.

I’m not a stereotype Tourist rather I’m more of a Traveller who likes to stay in a hotel but interact with the locals,travel with a planned itinerary but explore without a guide, Eat local food but not miss the happening and colourful Cafe’s as well.

A Tourist wants his trip to be value for money and takes home a Thinner wallet but a Traveller wants it to be rich in Memories and Experiences.

Tourists tend to visit the Place on how famous and how easily accessible the place is while a traveller looks for the unpopular and less discovered places.

Another fun fact is How a traveller spends weeks on a trip with just a couple of clothes and a bag-pack but a tourist has a never ending list of things to carry while travelling. 

And the Most Appropriate things goes with tourist is they are more of boasting about the place but the traveller is more thrilled about the journey and experiencing the place.

Finally as the famous Saying goes
“Life is not about the number of breathes we take,but life is about the number of moments that take your Breathe away”

So if you have the same mutual feelings about you being a wanderlust come let’s interact in the comment section and hope to see you soon!

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