How to plan road trip on Manali Leh Highway.

Manali leh highway is the one of the biggest dream of adventure lover in India. This Road leads to the heaven known as Leh-Ladakh. This route offers you the most scenic view in Himalaya region, as you travel to higher altitudes, you will witness a slow transition of scenery from dense green forest to rugged mountain terrain.   

Mountain road lovers do have dream to travel from this beautiful route and we got lucky on this,  at Nomadic Monk we cover almost 100+ tours every year on the route. 

Traveling on Manali Leh Highway can be bit complicated when you don’t plan it properly, as majority of area is not civilized and you will see a lot of temporary setups on this route. So you should plan your stays and list of things to carry before starting the journey. 
Here, we will help you in understanding the route, so that you can plan your tour accordingly 

 Distance between Leh to Manali

The distance is 427 kms 

Best time for road trip on Manali Leh Highway?

This route is open from last week of May till Last week of September, depending upon the road and weather conditions. As per our previous experience on this highway, we recommend you to travel between mid June to mid September, As most of people plan their vacations in advance

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