The 20 best places to visit in Spiti Valley


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Spiti Valley is the perfect destination for a week’s break, located in the hidden valleys of the Himalayan range, this place is known for its unique culture, chilled weather, and views that are one of a kind. It usually takes 8 to 9 days to explore Spiti Valley and one might get exhausted looking out for places that are worth seeing. Unlike other tourist destinations, you don’t have to stick only to popular stops, there are hidden villages, Heritage markets, Monasteries, and nature to look at while exploring, to give you an idea here is a list of the best 20 places to visit in Spiti Valley


The heartbeat of Spiti valley, this the largest operating town in Spiti and the base stop for travelers. Most of the hotels, markets, hospitals, and government facilities are found in this town, in short, it is the economical hub of Spiti valley. Kaza is known for its colorful festivities and the Tangyud Monastery, which is a key place for Spiti valley tourism. The town is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and stretches of cold rocky mountain terrain, so it will probably be your first stop in Spiti Valley. 


Komik Village

Located 18 km away from Kaza, Komik village has bagged the title of – “World’s highest village” located at a height of 4587 meters. In winter this village cuts off from the rest of the world due to heavy snowfall, but during summers, it is the best place to visit in Spiti valley. Komic is also the home of Lundup Tsemo Gompa Buddhist Monastery, which is said to be the monastery of ‘future buddha’. The landscape of the village will put your eyes and mind in wonder, but the temperature here will be drooping low, so pack warm clothes. 


Langza Village

A village overlooked by a huge statue of Lord Buddha, this place is an insight into the culture and handicrafts of  Lauhal and Spiti. During your visit, you will see the villagers employed in agriculture and handicrafts, Mud houses, and a peaceful surrounding amidst cold mountains. The village is just 16 km away from Kaza so you can cover it in the daytime. You can also spot the Chau Chau Kang Nilda Peak from here. Langza is also the getaway to many other high-altitude lakes and villages. 


Tabo Monastery

Tabo Monastery is known for being the oldest monastery, built-in 996 AD. The monastery comprises 23 chortens (Buddhist shrines), nine temples, monk chambers, and nun chambers. You will also find a mountain right next to the monastery, which consists of caves for monks to meditate in seclusion. The chambers of the monastery are filled with Tibetan wall paintings and statues. If you are a sucker for traditional architecture, this monastery is perfect for you. 




Dhankar Village

The old capital of Spiti, this village held strategic importance due to its location. The village makes the list of best places to visit in Spiti Valley, due to its famous Dhankar Monastery, located at the cliffside overlooking the Dhankar village, this monastery is home to 150 monks. This monastery’s architecture is notably different from other monasteries as it used to be a castle in the past, that guarded the Lands of Spiti from invasions. Dhankar village is located on Kaza – Tabo route, so you can explore it on your way to Tabo. 



Key Monastery

The key monastery, often depicted as the face of Spiti Tourism is definitely worth your time. Due to its peculiar location on a volcanic – shape hill and spectacular architecture, it grabs the attention of travelers from the moment they set an eye on it. The key monastery has large assembly halls, and carved wooden structures with Tibetan murals and paintings. The monastery is only 12 km away from Kaza, and trust us, your tour to Spiti will be incomplete without going here. 



It is a small village just the distance of six kilometers from Key village. Kibber is one of the highest inhabited villages in the valley. During your visit, you will come across the famous Kibber sanctuary which is home to blue sheep, snow leopards, ibex, and so on. The place also serves as the endpoint of the “Tso Moriri to Kibber trek”. The altitude of the place is 4270 meters, which also makes it the destination with the highest motorable road. 



Chandra Taal

The lake of the moon, and we bet the lake is equally charming like its name. The lake is cut in the shape of the crescent moon, with crystal clear water filling the hollow. The road for Chandra Taal begins from Batal, a little village on Manali – Kaza route. The lake severs as the perfect place for campaigning and trekking in summers, you can also trek up to this lake from Kunzum Pass within the time of minimum two hours. The place is filled with beautiful scenery, nothing less than you expect from a lake at an altitude of 4,590 m, though remember swimming or any other kind of water activities are banned in the lake. 

Kungri Monastery

Founded sometime in the 14th century, this monastery belongs to the Nyingma sect and is said to be one of the many residential monasteries of Spiti. The highlight of this monastery is, that it lets tourists and travelers stay within the monastery for months and let them practice the monk life without giving up their religion or taking any oath. You can also plan a night’s stay in the Monastery. It is just 34 Km away from Kaza. 


Pin Valley

Located at the Manali – Kaza route, Pin valley is infamous for its ‘Pin valley National Park’. The valley is filled with lush green pastures and colorful flowers in summers, if you want to spot wild animals of Spiti Valley, it is the right place to begin. The Pin river waters the valley and that’s why its green ecosystem is quite different from the barren stretches of Spiti valley. Many trekkers also uptake the Pin Parvati pass trek, which is 100 Km long. 


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Also known as Losar Khas, is a village that was the first human habitation right to Spiti Valley. The place is worth your time, as it offers explicit views and connections with nature. It is located near the border and has a population of around 200 – 300 people, a rather unexplored gem in Spiti. If you are looking for some offbeat travel in Spiti, this small village is an ideal destination. Losar is just 56 Kilometers away from Kaza. 


Kunzum Pass

The high motorable pass that connects Lauhal valley to Spiti. Though it is 79 kilometers away from Kaza, it is one of the key places to visit in the Spiti circuit. You can cover this pass on Manali – Kaza route. One can visit the place only after winters, as the pass closes down due to heavy snowfall. The pass opens up in May and June, and you can even catch a chance to play in the snow if you visit this time around. 


Hurling Village

A perfect hideaway from the tourist rush, this village is located just 67 Kilometers away from Kaza. This offbeat village offers an adventure ground for exploring the unexplored and giving in the thrill of the mystery. Talking about mystery, this village has been in news, due to the spotting of ‘extinct Himalayan Serow’ in its lands. If you want to explore the ‘non-basic’ places in Spiti, Hurling is the spot for you. 


Lhalung Village

“ The land of gods” is located just 27 kilometers away from Kaza, this village stands out because of its exceptional history and scenic views. The village is located between the Lingti river and Tangmar Mountain, it is another offbeat village in Spiti, often overlooked by tourists. Though there is nothing “Touristy” to do in the village, the main highlights of the village can be summed up in its, undying tree, Lhalung Monastery, and enchanting nature. Visit the place, trek the stretches of the village, interact with villagers and add something authentic to your diary of the experience. 


Rangrik Village

Located 6 kilometers away from Kaza, this village is home to around 900 residents. To connect with local people and lifestyles it is the ideal place. Rangrik Village is known for its Cave with mysterious stones containing magnetic properties. You will also find a Buddha statue overlooking the village.



Chicham Bridge

The highest bridge in Asia and yet to catch the attention of tourists. This is one of the unknown wonders of Spiti, located just 19 Kilometers away from Kaza. The bridge connects Chicham Village with Kibber and is suspended at the height of 4,037 meters from sea level. It was made to cross the Spiti river, which before was crossed by rope crossing by locals, putting their lives at risk. The place is perfect for photos and mountain scenic. 

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Pangmo Village

At a distance of 27 kilometers away from Kaza, this village offers a perfect hideout from the tourist rush in Kaza. Pangmo village is surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountains and the offbeat culture of Spiti will be found in its streets and people. Pangmo has places of accommodation at a reasonable price, so instead of staying at Kaza, you book the homestays here. Some of the activities to do here are – Nature walk, village walk, trek to Chicham, bonfire, and stargazing. 


Gette village

A small village located near Kibber and at a distance of 26 kilometers from Kaza. This village is quite peculiar to others, as it accommodates hardly 7 to 8 houses and is more secluded from the rest of the tourist places. One of the adventures trail to reach this village by foot emerges from the Key monastery. Once you reach the monastery you can start your trek and reach Gette in about two hours, it is a common trail for foreign travelers. 



Kyoto Village

Located at the confluence of Takling Nala and Spiti river, this small village at an elevation of about 3,850 meters is another hidden gem of Spiti. It is also is the list of offbeat places in Spiti, as you will hardly find any kind of tourist rush here. With the picturesque views and rustic environment, the place will surely make you elated with thrill. You can visit the place if you plan to go to Pangmo village.



Spiti river (photography point)

The lifeline of Spiti valley, this river originates from the Kunzum range and in a certain way works as a dividing line between Lahaul and Spiti valley. Almost all the villages are located on its bank and sustain their living from its water. If you want to visit the river and click pictures at the best spot, do visit the Spiti river (photography point) at a distance of 33 kilometers from Kaza.