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Spiti valley has gained popularity among people in the past few years, undeniably the environment and cultural ambiance of the place have hosted a victory in travelers’ hearts. Whilst planning a Spiti valley trip, it’s important to get acquainted with weather conditions and temperature in the area, so you can choose the best time to visit Spiti Valley. Even though all the weathers dawn their boon and banes in traveling conditions, as a traveler, you must know about the weather conditions you will be faced with, on the chosen dates and prepare accordingly. Further, we will discuss the details of the weather conditions in Spiti during different months, so you can choose the best time to visit Spiti as per your comfort. 

Spiti - Valley - in - March

Spiti valley in January – February – March 

These three months are the coldest months of Spiti. The Manali – Kaza route is closed due to snowfall, so all the tourist rush comes from Shimla – Kaza route. The road for villages at higher altitudes might also be closed or blocked by snow, and the temperature is below zero degrees at night time and sometimes during the day too. The specialty of these months is – ‘snow’, and trust us, Spiti during snowfall, is a beauty of a whole different league. You can also sign-up for the “Snow – leopard tour”, an exciting winter expedition (Click here to know more). Spiti valley in march end might start to bring a ray of warmth, but these months are a pure challenge to travelers, as somedays lights go out for days, water is frozen out and most of the markets are closed, so plan in these months only if you are prepared to deal with such situations. 

Spiti - Valley - in - May

Spiti valley in April – May – June 


The months of sweet summer in Spiti Valley. During this time snow starts to meltdown and roads start to open up, the locals start preparing for the tourist season ahead of them and small colorful flowers start to bloom. In April the weather is still transitioning from winter to summer, so you will catch a glimpse of snow melting away on roads and forming water streams, though they can be dangerous to cross if you visit after noon time. Spiti Valley in May – June, is the season time of valley, as Manali – Kaza route opens up, in Mid May or June, tourism begins in full power. During these months all the facilities are available easily, the homestays are open, markets are operating, taxi services are in use, and local festivities also begin. So in general aspect, the month of May and June, are the best times to visit Spiti. But don’t be fooled by the “Summers of Spiti” as during this also temperatures droop below minus at night, so pack warm clothes. 

Spiti - Valley - in - September

Spiti Valley in July – August – September 


The southwest monsoon winds bring monsoon to India, and our mountains to are blessed with lush green grass and cool weather with the rains. Spiti is a mountain desert, so chances are rainfall is likely low, but due to environmental change, the valley has started to get a fair share of rain. The lesser Himalayan areas such as Shimla, Manali, and Kinnaur (the route to Spiti), do experience heavy rainfall during this time, so if you choose to travel in these months, make sure to pack boots, umbrellas, water-proof jackets, and warm clothes. The bikers will have to pay special attention while riding as roads get slippery and bad in rain. The chances of landslides in Kinnaur and other roads are high, which can lead to delays, so be flexible with planning and execution. Road conditions at both Manali – Kaza, and Shimla – Kaza routes become bad and rough at places, so drive carefully. 

Spiti Valley in October – November – December


The time of “Winter – Wonderland”, returns. Snowfall begins in mid – October and November, and roads like – Kunzum Pass closes down till next summer. There are various reasons why visiting Spiti in winter is a good idea, one of them would be that you will be visiting in “no man’s land”, there will be no tourist rush and you will be able to witness mountains in their true glory. When you think of mountains, the first thing that strikes in mind is – “ snow”, and if you have not explored Spiti Valley snow, then you already are missing out on the major chunk of Spiti valley exploration. As mentioned, many problems surface in these months like – delays in plans due to road blockages, closed roads to several places, lack of water facilities, harsh weather, and availability of only the  Shimla – Kaza route. If you are capable and willing to manage amidst all of this, you can plan a ‘Winter Spiti’ tour. 


Spiti Weather and temperature 


To sum up and help you with choosing dates for the trip, here is a comprehensive table of Spiti weather and temperature. 




Temperature Minimum 

Temperature Maximum


































Monsoon(best time)




Winter(best time)





– 12°c






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To conclude Mid May to October are the best months to travel to Spiti Valley.

The temperature is cold most of the time so you will have to pack warm clothes and travel safely.