Best 20 places to visit in Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh has vistas of places to visit, each with a unique story and unseen beauty, but unfortunately with limited time period one can explore only some selective places, and in given situation you will have to make sure that places on your list are the best one. So to make your work easier, we have narrowed down best 20 places that are worth visiting during Leh Ladakh trip, these places are within the accessibility of tourists and are the very essence of Leh Ladakh. 

Places-to-visit-in-leh ladakh - leh-city

1. Leh City

The joint capital and largest city of Ladakh, Leh city is the heart of these cold mountain desserts, elevated at the altitude of 3,524m, this city is the main attraction for tourists who are beginning their journey in Leh and Ladakh. The city covers 9.15 Kilometer of the area and has many gem places to explore. To know more click here


2. Sangam (The confluence of Indus and Zanskar river)

Located at the Leh-Srinagar highway, this adjunction of two rivers will give you a chance to witness one of the most simple yet beautiful phenomena of nature. Sangam valley is a point where river Zanskar heading from northeast Himalayan range and river Indus originated from Western Tibet confluences at the valley of Leh. The Sangam is located near Nimmu village, thirty-five kilometers away from Leh, you can hire a taxi and visit the place by road.

Places-to-visit-in-leh ladakh - Pangong-lake

3. Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso is an approximately 160 Kilometer long lake, its one-third part is in the Leh Ladakh region of India, and the other two-thirds with China. The lake is popular for its enchanting blue water, which adds a whole different look to the barren rocky mountains surrounding it, the lake has made an appearance in movies like “three idiots” and also has the ability to change color in different shades. Your trip to Leh Ladakh will be incomplete without visiting this place, even though any kind of water activities are forbidden on the lake, you won’t regret taking in the peace and beauty this place has to offer.


4. Lamayuru village - The Moonland in Ladakh

Lamayuru village is located at the Srinagar-Leh highway and is famous for its Lamayuru Monastery and “lunar” landscape. It is one of the most beautiful villages in the region and home to various local species of fauna, you will find a cave-like monastery with a peculiar moonlike landscape which definitely is one of its kind. Be ready to be bewitched by the geographical structure of this place and if you are around during the Yuru Kabgyat’s annual festival, you will lucky to explore the culture and festive colors of Lamayuru village.


5. Thang village

Thang village is technically the northernmost village of India, and because it is so close to LOC, you fill find strict regulations of the army in this region. You will not be allowed to visit the actual village, but the army personnel will give you a tour of bunkers used in war, if you want to get an insight into the life of a soldier, this is the perfect place for you to visit. Beyond Thang village lies Pakistan, you also might be able to steal a sight of villages settled at the other side of LOC


6. Turtuk

Located at the banks of the Shyok river, this little village has a very important historical significance as well as tourism popularity. Turtuk village is the second northern-most village of India located in Nubra Valley, before the Indo-Pak war the village was under Pakistan’s control, but since 1971 it has been a part of India. Turtuk has been a popular tourist attraction due to its apricot orchids and local Balti culture, you can visit the old royal house and gompas and enjoy the simple yet beautiful life of this village. Turtuk is one of the best spots to experience the diverse culture of Leh and Ladakh. 

Places-to-visit-in-leh ladakh -Tsomoriri-Lake

7. Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri Lake with its crystal clear water and huge snow-peaked mountains will give you a feeling as if you are in complete heaven. The place has serenity, which embraces each and every soul in itself, at an altitude of 4522 meters the lake is home to various species of local flora and fauna which makes it the best spot to explore for wildlife lovers. At the banks of the lake is four-hundred-year-old Korzok Monastery, other than that you can also visit Chumathang hot springs on your way to the lake.


8. Tso Kar Lake

Also known as “white lake”, when seen from a distance it gives an impression of being entirely white in color due to the salt composition on the shore. The Tso Kar lake is a hotspot for wild flora and fauna, many migratory birds come to the banks of the lake to lay their eggs, hence if you are interested to explore the wildlife of the region, Tso Kar lake is an ideal place to do so. The lake is situated just approx fifty kilometers away from Tso Moriri Lake, so you might as well cover both the magnificent lakes on your tour in one day.

best places to visit in Leh Ladakh Khardung la pass

9. Khardungla Pass

Hailed to be the highest motorable highway for civilians, Khardungla Pass is the roadway to the most beautiful and underrated valleys. Khardung La pass is 40 kilometers away from Leh and is at an altitude of 18,379 ft. If you are looking for an adventurous road trip with breathtaking views, the Khardung La pass is perfect for you. Other than that, Khardung La is a transportation route for supplies of Siachen Glacier and connects Leh to Nubra valley.

Places-to-visit-in-leh ladakh-hunder-nubra-valley

10. Nubra Valley

One of the most beautiful locations in Leh Ladakh, Nubra valley is home to many tourist destinations like Hunder sand dunes, Diskit Monastery, hundred sand dunes, Yarab Tso Lake, Samstanling Gompa, bactrian camel, and villages of Panamik and Turtuk. Shayok and Nubra rivers are the main water source of the valley, so you will find orchards and farms in this area, which are almost rare in these cold mountains. The scenic beauty of this place will surely lure your heart and if you do visit this place, it will be through the highest motorable road of
Khardongla pass. The valley is a perfect mixture of adventure and beauty.

Places to visit in leh ladakh-Changla Pass

11. Chang La Pass

Chang La Pass is a roadway to Pangong Tso Lake and is 5,360 Meters above sea level, the majestic mountains and panoramic views will take you to a new level of experience. If taking a long drive along the snow-capped mountains is on your checklist, Chang La Pass will serve the purpose. At Chang La Pass you will find a temple dedicated to Changla Baba, to whom the name of the pass is dedicated.


12. Alchi

Located on the banks of the glimmering Indus river, this village is well known for owning one of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh. Unlike other villages, this place is situated in Lowland and is only 65 to 70 kilometers away from Leh. Being home to the oldest monastery, the environment of the village is greatly influenced by Tibetian culture, you will find magnificent wall paintings and unique sculptures dating back to the 11th and 12th centuries. This village preserves the significant history of Tibetan culture.

best places to visit in Leh Ladakh Mulbekh Monastery

13. Mulbekh Monastery

Believed to have been built around 800 years back, Mulbekh Monastery is famous for consisting of two gompas named “Drukpa” and “Gelugpa”. You will find a 30 feet tall statue of Maitreya Buddha, which is carved on a huge stone slab. Mulbekh Monastery is located on Leh – Srinagar highway, and you can cover it while traveling from Leh to Srinagar.


14. Kargil

The second-largest city in Ladakh after Leh, Kargil city has an important historical as well as cultural significance. The city has been a point for the famous Indo-Pak war, you will also find memorials of soldiers who died in the war, other than that there are many Heritage sites, palaces, forts, ancient rock carvings to explore in the city. The city is the hub of adventures activities like trekking, mountaineering, river rafting, camping, and so on and is definitely worth visiting.

best places to visit in leh ladakh aryan village

15. Aryan Village

Said to be the home of the last surviving clan of the pure Aryan race, this village has always been in controversies and has attracted people in curiosity. The Aryan villages are divided into five sects and you can visit Dah and Hanu village with prior permits procured from Leh. These villages are nestled right next to the Indus river and are filled with a bounty of apricot orchards and other
scenic farmlands. You will get a chance to meet the Aryan people, and will definitely be touched by their warm and welcoming nature.

best places to visit in Leh Ladakh Zanskar valley

16. Zanskar

A place away from the world and its influence, Zanskar valley truly is the underrated heaven one could visit while their tour to Leh and Ladakh. The valley is located 465 Km south of Leh and has snow-capped mountains with a sparkling clean river which gives such scenic landscapes, that one will forget the stress and noise of bustling city life. You can put places like Sani Monastery, Doda river, Shafat Glacier, and Suru valley on your checklist of Zanskar valley and
enjoy an adventurous yet soulful time in the valley


17. Hanle [ Astronomy center]

Besides being a historic village in Ladakh, this village is home to the Hanle observatory, one of the world’s highest sites for astronomical observation. Away from crowded tourist places, thisl ittle village offers enchanting views that will make you lose every bit of tiredness you might be feeling due to long hours of traveling. You can visit the Hanle monastery which is located at an elevated platform and gives you an aerial view of the whole village. The main attraction of the place is the astronomy center r which is 4500 meters above sea level and has both national as well as scientific significance. 

TangLang La pass

18. Tanglang La Pass

One of the world’s high mountain passes, located at Manali-Leh highway at the height of 5328 meters , is a favorite spot for trekkers and bikers. The pass is filled with adventures twists and turns at an increasing height, and is covered with raw and snow-covered mountains which is a treat for every adventure enthusiast. If you are looking for an adventurous road for biking, Tanglang La
Pass is perfect for you.

best places to visit in Leh Ladakh Fatu La Pass

19. Fatu La Pass

Located at an elevation of 4,108 meters, Fatu La Pass is the highest point on Srinagar-Leh Highway. The pass offers picturesque views of ‘Lunar landscapes’, meaning landscapes that resemble that of the moon and of course the snow-covered mountains will treat your soul as always, the pass is 124 Kilometers away from Leh city and lies in the Zanskar range of the Himalayas.


20. Panamik hot water spring

Leh Ladakh tour is undoubtedly fun and adventurous, but it drains the energy out of you hence Panamik hot water spring in Nubra valley is the perfect spot for you to recharge and heal your tired muscles. Located about 150 Kilometers away from Leh, Panamik village is situated at the height of 10,442 feet above sea level. What makes the hot spring of Panamik unique is its high composition of sulfur which works as a medicine to the body, other than that you can also visit Ensa Monastery while exploring the village