All you need to know about Ladakh Inner Line permits


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What is an Inner line permit?

An inner Line permit is an official travel document, issued by the Indian Government for the allowance of travel of an individual in restricted areas for a limited period. These permits are required to regulate the movement in areas near LOC (Line of control) and LAC (Line of actual control). And as Ladakh shares a border with two neighboring countries, the authorities issue Ladakh Inner line permits, for tourists to explore the regions which lie in restricted areas.

  • Permits are valid for up to 3 weeks for Indians and up to 15 days for foreigners. 
  • You can enter a restricted area as many times as you want till the time your ILP duration is valid. 
  • Children below the age of 12 years do not require ILP/PAP. 
  • PAP ( Protected area Pass) is an official travel document issued to foreigners, just like ILP is issued to Indians. 

What are the restricted areas in Leh Ladakh?

The places which are close to LAC and LOC are counted as restricted areas and require Inner line permits. In Leh Ladakh, you will need ILP in the following places – 

  • Khardungla Pass, Shyoak Valley, Nubra valley 
  • Chang La Pass, Tangtse, Pangong Lake
  • Tso Moriri Lake, Chumathang, Tasga La
  • Dha – Hanu Valley and Batalik 

On Manali – Leh highway, you will need a permit for Rohtang Pass, if you decide to travel via Rohtang. 

How to get Ladakh permits online?

To avail permit online, you will have to apply at 


  • After opening the site you will see a Pop – up box on the upper right side of the screen.
  • Click on the Domestic/overseas registration, as per your requirement and fill out the form and click on register.
  • Next, choose the areas you wish to visit. 
  • After choosing the places, a self-declaration form will pop up, read it carefully and click on accept. 
  • Then a page will show up with all the payment options, which will include –

Wildlife fee – Rs 120

Environment fee – Rs 400

Red Cross fee – Rs 50 (optional) 

  •  Read the instructions and pay the amount. 
  • After payment, you will avail of the permit immediately. Download the PDF and make a hard copy of it. 

Now you don’t have to visit the DC office in Leh to verify the payment contribution Slip, you can just visit the places directly and hardcopy or PFD of the slip will be checked there itself.

How to get Leh Ladakh permits offline?


To avail of permits offline you will have to visit the DC office in Leh and fill out the form and pay the fee there itself to avail the permit. Remember to carry identification proof and other documents with you to prove your nationality to get the permit. Non – Indian travelers will require their passport for identification.


How much does the Leh Ladakh permit cost?

The Inner Line Permit cost can be broken down into the following – 

  • Wildlife fee – Rs 120
  • Environmental Fee – Rs 400
  • Red Cross fee – Rs 50 (optional) 

The green fee (Wildlife fee, environmental fee, and red cross fee), is collected to raise funds for the welfare of Ladakh’s environment, ecology, and people. 

Previously, the permit system was removed for travelers, but in 2020 it was re-introduced. 


Ladakh permits for Foreigner travelers


For foreign travelers, Protected Area Permit is issued by the Indian Government, in the same way, ILP is issued to Indians. One can apply for PAP either online at or avail it offline by visiting the Leh DC office. But there are some notable exceptions – 

The citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Hongkong will have to avail proper permits from the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi. 

Foreigners with diplomatic passports (i.e members of the UN or other international organizations) will also have to apply for the permit at the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi. 

Other than this, other foreigners can avail passports with the usual protocol. 



What is the environmental fee in the Ladakh region? 

Environmental Fee also known as green fees taken by the government of the region to raise funds for sustainable development of the Ladakh region. Environmental fee is taken to maintain and empower the ecosystem and ecology of the place and provide quality tourism to the visitors. An Amount of Rs 400 is charged as the environmental fee for the first visit, however, if you make a second visit during the same year, you will be charged Rs 1 for the same. 

How to get Ladakh Inner line Permit from Manali?

There is no way to avail Ladakh Permit from Manali. Though you can apply for the permit online on the portal, from anywhere. If you are traveling via – Rohtang Pass, you will have to get a permit. One can avail of a Permit for Rohtang at the SDM office in Manali or apply online.

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Why do agents charge extra for Ladakh Inner line permits? 

Agents i.e tour operators and hotels in Leh provide this service of pre-arranging ILP for you, yes they do charge around 100 or 120 bucks extra over the permit cost, but it saves you the time and tension of going through the messy paper works. If you have tried or are going to apply for permits online, you will come across a step where you require to choose all the restricted areas for which a permit is being made, and the chances of getting confused and picking the wrong places are nearly high. So, it’s best you tell your requirements to the agents, send them a copy of your documents, and get your permits issued without any errors. Agents charge extra in exchange for their services, and it is a really convenient option if you have no knowledge regarding the permits. 

What are the documents required for Inner Line Permits / Protected area permits? 


1. The Documents required for the Inner line permit should be valid to prove your nationality, you can take the following into consideration – 

Pan Card 

Aadhar card 

Driving License


Voter Id

Recent passport size photo 


2. A protected area permit is issued to foreign tourists for allowance in restricted areas. Tourists with a diplomatic passport or with citizenship from – Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka, and Hongkong, will have to apply at the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi for permits. Other foreign travelers can apply on the online portal or at the DC office of Leh. You can also ask an agent to do it for you. The documents required for a Protected area permit (PAP) would be will be as follows- 

  • Foreign nationals who are not in India, and intend to visit the Restricted area will have to submit an application to the Indian embassy in their country along with a visa application before coming to India. 
  • Foreign nationals who are already in India can submit their application to any authority that has the delegated power to grant the permit for Ladakh restricted area. The application may require a copy of the passport, Visa, and Passport size photo. 

What is the duration of Inner line permits and Protected area permits? 


ILP or inner line permits have a duration of three weeks. Whereas PAP or protected area permit has a duration of 15 days. 


Important things to remember – 

  • You can only stay in the restricted area till the time your permit is valid, after that you will have to leave the place. 
  • Only travel in the areas, you have a permit for. An inner line permit is not all-pervasive, it only contains allowance of the places that you have applied for. 
  • Children below the age of 12, do not require permits but do carry their identity proof.
  •  Locals do not require any kind of permit.
  • After availing of your permit, make 3 to 4 hard copies for them, as you will require to submit them at different checkpoints.